About Us

Hello everyone! We are the Pickle Guys and we operate a pickle store on the Lower East Side.  As far back as 1910 there have always been numerous pickle stores on Essex Street.  Today we are the only pickle store that exists on Essex Street.

We make our pickles from an old Eastern European recipe “Just the way mom use to make them”.  This is a barrel cured pickle.  The pickles are made by letting them sit in salt brine with garlic, spices, and no preservatives.  Storing them in barrels, from a day up to six months, the pickles cure as they sit.  Along with pickles we brought back old traditional items such as Pickled Watermelon & Russell Borscht.  Over the years we also added new items including Pickled Turnips and Pickled Pineapples. Two weeks before Passover we bring our operation outside and grind Horseradish from freshly peeled roots.

The pickling industry has changed from vendors with push carts to merchants in little stores and, finally, factories that manufacture pickles. The way we make these products here is just like the old days.  We run a clean operation that is customer friendly and invite you to come on down and take a look and see for yourself.

We operate under the Rabbinical Supervision of RABBI SHMUEL FISHELIS.